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Hardware Sales & Networking

Hardware Sales and Networking

Success of computerization is closely linked to a robust hardware platform. What is required for the specific client environment is a subject of debate. Often users are not exposed to the advantages and disadvantages of assembled, branded and manufactured computers and support devices. At ECS we have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes and marketing principles in the Industry, leading to the ability to discern a good product for a specific environment from far. Thus we are able to advice, and if necessary provide, the appropriate hardware and networking support to the user.

ECS has a wide range of clients ranging from home users to corporate clients.

IT Facility Management

IT Facility Management

Organizations rush into computerization without asking itself many questions. These include the availability of in-house expertise to manage and run the IT infrastructure. At ECS we can help chart out manpower deployment requirements, knowledge map, and provide, if required, manpower and maintenance support to the IT infrastructure. We can also provide MIS managers, thereby increasing the utilization of IT facilities. It does not matter whether the installation was set up by us or another vendor

The main advantage of ECS IT Infrastructure management is low manpower Cost –To –Company.

IT Consultancy

ECS provides support to the user in two categories:


1. New IT user: A client who requires transition from manual and conventional system to a computerized system is seen as a new IT user. This requires a high degree of maturity in approach to the transition of systems and procedures, its efficacy, the design of the systems itself and the implementation procedure. At ECS we have decades of experience in handling such sensitive assignments.

2. User Upgrade: A client who is already using IT for various areas, and would like to consolidate and expand its activities for better operational results, comes under this category. ECS undertakes a thorough assessment of existing systems, the reasons for adopting the current procedures and provides the right advice to the client.