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Weed the tree from the forest - Most organisations have grown from manual system to automated system using the latest computers. Mostly this has been done to remove duplication of information storage and ensure easier retrieval. However, an assessment of various software options would reveal the presence of enormous amounts of unutilised fat than muscle: that is, the presence of a large amount of data and control, with comparatively little use and utilisation prospects.

ECS strives to remove this mismatch. To gain this end, it first develops a near-perfect domain expertise. To this it adds the business sense of a seasoned industry specialist. Wrap it up with the psychology and aspirations of the affected people, both the users and their customers, you have the perfect concoction.

Process - ECS goes through a systematic process of a detailed system study. This brings to light many systems that have evolved in time. At ECS we give respect to such processes which have stood the test of time and have significance with respect to ground realities. Whether it be manual or computerised. We understand that they are location and user specific. ECS adapts these values to the extent possible and integrates the change in the system. This makes ECS software a unique proposition. It adds value, retains the core identity of the user and makes the transition look like a cakewalk.